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Capture emotions from social media.

Understand human behavior.

Predict outcomes in real time.

Improve your decision-making.


Each day, consumers write billions of emotion-filled posts on social media.

Cognovi Labs deciphers these posts to provide predictive insights to meet your business needs.



Cognovi – A Fusion of Behavioral Science and Artificial Intelligence

Every partner engagement is unique as we course through our time-tested approach to guide us from our discovery phase through your application of Cognovi’s predictive models.

We work closely with you to understand your objectives and key performance metrics to help you better forecast your business drivers.

We listen in real-time to a variety of social media sites and filter the chatter by consumer interests, geographies and timeframes to identify relevant themes, key phrases and the topic-specific emotional undertone.

We synthesize the output data from our extraction models into a specific set of tested, proprietary scores and predict likely event outcomes based on the behavior-centric results.

We continue to guide you in the practical application of our behavioral learning and provide you with continuous actionable insights.



Beni Gradwohl, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Robert Martinez

Senior Sales Partner

Jim Levites

Chief Operating Officer

Alan Smith

Senior Software Engineer

Flavio Lobato

Co-Founder and Chairman

Jeremy Brunn

Senior Software Engineer

Amit Sheth, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Technical Advisor



Across Industries and Across Functions

Product Performance

Forecast product sales

Investor Insights

Check channels virtually

Economic Trends

Gain predictive insights


Estimate viewership


Optimize campaigns


Manage brand risk

Political Events

Predict the outcome

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