Our Team

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
Each member of our cross-disciplinary team adds to the leading-edge conglomeration of talent: our psychological experts collaborate with software engineers, data scientists, and operations and business specialists, with subject matter experts in healthcare, consumer behavior and the public sector.
From our CEO

New advances in Affective and Cognitive Computing allow us to measure what makes us human – our emotions – and alleviate some of the fallacies in our decision-making process.

By fusing machine learning with behavioral psychology, COGNOVI EMOTION AI™ can augment people’s emotional intelligence, predict and shape their next actions, and guide the world towards a better future.

Ben-Ami ‘Beni’ Gradwohl, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & CEO
Jim Levites
Chief Operating Officer
Colin Butler
Global Revenue Officer
Zach Levy
Managing Director, Federal
Nirit Pisano, Ph.D.
Chief Psychology Officer
Alan Smith
Senior Software Engineer
Jeremy Brunn
Senior Software Engineer
Oded Loewenstein
Data Scientist
Caroline Jones
Business Analyst
Mike Partin
Software Engineer
Jeff Hoffman
Amit Sheth, Ph.D.
Iggy Ioppe
A.J. De Rosa
Cognovi Labs is a fast-growing start-up that needs smart and capable individuals to help us execute our business plan.
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