Our mission

With a powerful technology comes significant responsibility
Social responsibility is the leading priority at Cognovi Labs, shaping the company’s endeavors and designation of resources – particularly as our capabilities have become essential in the realm of public health and safety. We continually leverage our tools to support the nation’s efforts toward physical, social and mental wellbeing.
  • We released the Coronavirus Panic Index in early 2020 to help alleviate the public's anxiety
  • Our Vaccine Confidence Tracker provides a quantitative measure of the public's motivation towards the Covid vaccine
  • Our participation in a VA Tech Sprint offers a roadmap for identifying and assisting at-risk veterans experiencing suicidality
  • In the world of chronic diseases, our Emotion AI provides a systematic approach to patient care
  • Our disinformation application triages emotionally dangerous disinformation and supplies tools to counteract propaganda
Our origin
patented technology
COGNOVI EMOTION AI™ was developed at a world-class academic research center with funding by the US Air Force, the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation

Patented AI technology
transferred out of academia
and infused with proprietary
psychology algorithms

8 years

Developed over 8 years at Wright
State University’s Kno.e.sis Center,
Ohio, by world-renowned computer
scientist Dr. Amit Sheth

(currently Professor and Founding Director, Artificial
Intelligence Institute, University of South Carolina)

Validated with 300+ published peer
reviewed academic research papers

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U.S. Air-force logo
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Funded by the US Air Force, Department of Energy and National Science Foundation

We make the invisible visible

Cognovi Labs has a first-of-its-kind proprietary technology

It measures emotions from textual and transcribable data in its native language to predict people’s decisions and shape the outcome


We dial up your results

Facts and sentiments only report what people say and how they say it, not what they will do next.

That’s why we extract what people feel (emotions) and what they will do next by quantifying the psychology of the human decision-making process.

How you can shape the outcome.
Words matter. We identify the exact words, phrases and narratives to evoke those precise emotions that lead to your desired outcome.
How people will act.
By quantifying intent to act, we can, for the first time, provide that “look around the corner,” before the action occurs.
What decisions people make.
Fifty years of research in psychology, neurology and behavioral economics have firmly established that the vast majority of human decisions are made by the subconscious mind based on emotions. Our proprietary Psychological AI anticipates those decisions.
How people feel when they say it.
Our machine learning algorithms are trained natively in 18+ languages to measure the emotional undertone in context, without the loss of translation, and at a precision of an emotionally intelligent person.
How people say it.
More appropriately called "tonation" by academics, this measures the tone of the conversation, whether positive, negative or neutral. Given that people rarely follow through on what they say, sentiment analysis is rarely predictive nor actionable.
What people say.
Our technology provides thematic context by extracting the discussion topics and facts from any textual and transcribable data, at scale and in real time.

How we dial up the results



We measure ten topic-specific emotions from any textual and transcribable data natively in 18 original languages from publicly available sources, internal company data or custom data generated through our proprietary tool, the Dynamic Diagnostic Interview.



We predict from these emotions what decisions people will make and uncover the level of action readiness towards your company, product, brand, message or event.



We identify the exact words, phrases and narratives to evoke those precise emotions to shape the outcome.

Joy Joy
Anger Anger
Disgust Disgust
Fear Fear
Sadness Sadness
Surprise Surprise

Published by Paul Ekman

Amusement Amusement
Contempt Contempt
Hope Hope
Trust Trust

Based on logo

  • 01 Increase consumer intent and turbocharge your revenues
  • 02 Maximize your KPIs and new product performance
  • 03 Optimize your merchandising through virtual channel checks
  • 04 Enhance your reputation and PR to drive top-line growth
  • 01 Accelerate your prescription growth
  • 02 Optimize your product launch from Day 1
  • 03 Track and enhance your reputation with our
  • 04 Create powerful messaging for your
    healthcare providers
Public Sector
  • 01 Fundamentally enhance your disinformation intelligence and counter-propaganda
  • 02 Strengthen National Security with next-gen threat detection
  • 03 Reduce your analysts' cognitive load with Emotion AI-powered insights
  • 04 Augment the emotional readiness of your personnel in real time
Meet our world-class
AI professionals and
behavioral experts
Emotions drive decisions

Let's analyze
emotions together
We believe that emotions play a central role in human interaction. COGNOVI EMOTION AI™ can help you analyze them for maximum impact.
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