Jim Cardosi

head of partnerships

Jim is the Head of Partnerships at Cognovi Labs and is responsible for scaling their commercial vertical while developing, enabling, and monetizing an expanding ecosystem of partners, including advertising agencies, tech/data-driven consultants, and technology integrators.

Jim’s career spans nearly 30 years successfully managing both large and small company’s sales, business development and strategic alliance divisions. He’s redirected and refined several organization’s sales processes and go-to-market strategies to maximize revenue opportunities by focusing on driving successful strategic partnership engagements, while also aligning core initiatives and pursuit objectives to yield unprecedented growth, market penetration and customer satisfaction.

Prior to joining Cognovi Labs, Jim drove double-digit, profitable growth within several verticals including: Manufacturing, Defense, Healthcare, Software Automation, Cyber Security and Automotive for a 75 year old product support documentation contractor. Under his leadership, he routinely repositions his team’s as consultative partners so they better align with their customer’s value propositions, initiatives, and goals to more effectively serve their needs, while also helping to increase their customer satisfaction/service levels and exceed their revenue objectives.

Jim received his B.S. in Business Administration and Management from Columbia College.


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