Increased anger toward Millennials’ Nonchalance about Coronavirus

Cognovi Labs’ Coronavirus Panic Index (CPI) measures the public’s emotional state in real-time by topic and geography. The CPI detected a high emotional impact around the topic of millennials. In one day, from March 15 to March 16, anger increased to 2000x regarding how millenials are responding to the Coronavirus.
We are all angry about Coronavirus. However, in this particular instance, anger is directed toward the millennial generation, specifically those in the age 20-29. From March 1 – March 19, discussions around millennials were filled with 66% anger, compared to just 23% anger over coronavirus in general. The social media chatter focuses on how millennials aren’t taking proper precautions to help fight the virus. They’re traveling, going out and then spreading the virus to friends, family and senior citizens.

Both the public and government officials are trying to deliver a message to millennials: self-quarantine, practice social distancing and consider that their exposure not only puts them in danger, but also increases the spread of this infectious virus. White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx makes continued plea to millennials in effort to slow coronavirus spread.

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